A new version of DMPonline has been released. This version is being made available for legacy purposes only.
Instead, please visit: https://dmponline.dcc.ac.uk


DMP Online has been developed by the Digital Curation Centre to help researchers and research support staff produce data management plans (DMPs). These plans are increasingly required by research funders and institutions.

The process of writing a DMP enables you to get the most of your research. It helps you to:

  • make informed decisions about how to create, manage and share your data
  • anticipate and avoid problems e.g. data loss or duplication
  • organise your data so you can find and understand it when needed
  • improve the visibility of your research for more citations and impact
  • ensure that you have the necessary resources, skills and support in place.

 There are lots of reasons to develop a data management plan and DMP Online is the ideal tool for the job.

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If you get stuck, check out the Help page or contact us at dmponline@dcc.ac.uk

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