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Los organismos de financiación exigen, cada vez con más frecuencia, que sus beneficiarios produzcan Planes de Gestión de Datos que abarquen desde la fase inicial de preparación de la propuesta hasta después de la obtención de la financiación. El Digital Curation Centre en el Reino Unido creó DMPonline para ayudar a los equipos de investigación a responder a este requisito.

El DCC [en inglés] ha trabajado de cerca con organismos financiadores y universidades para desarrollar una herramienta que ayude a los investigadores a generar un plan de gestión de datos (PGD) eficaz que responda al ciclo de vida completo del proyecto, desde la etapa de preparación de la propuesta hasta su terminación.

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Información adicional

Estamos mejorando constantemente la interfaz de usuario y las funcionalidades de DMPonline. Si quiere contribuir con comentarios y sugerencias, por favor contacte con nosotros por correo electrónico en

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DMPonline stories from the DCC website

DMPonline at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam

This month we are sharing knowledge exchange blog post written by Dr Sander Bosch from the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam.

By magdalena.drafiova On 12/03/2020

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DMPonline 2020 Utrecht User group

Summary from our DMPonline user group held in Utrecht. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 03/02/2020

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2019: a DMP year in review

2019 was a pivotal year for DMPonline. Having introduced a new subscription model in November 2018 to sustain the DCC-led service, the last 12 months saw us develop a solid user base. This uptake has allowed us to grow the team and increase our engagement channels to ensure the service continues to meet user needs.  

By sarah.jones On 30/01/2020

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Managing data @Melbourne by Peter Neish

This month we are sharing knowledge exchange blog post written by Peter Neish from the University of Melbourne. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 08/01/2020

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DMP services unite

In the middle of November we were joined for three days by our colleagues Maria Praetzellis and Brian Riley from DMPTool and Benjamin Faure from OPIDoR. On our end Sarah Jones, Sam Rust, Ray Carrick, Marta Nicholson, Diana Sisu and Magdalena Drafiova represented DMPonline. Over the three days we had a mix of group discussions to plan the future development roadmap (results of that later), as well as developer / project manager sessions and discussions with the wider DCC and CDL team on machine-actionable DMPs.

By magdalena.drafiova On 03/12/2019

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Lindsey Myers shares how University of York uses DMPonline

This month we are featuring a blog post from Lindsey Myers, Research Support Librarian at University of York.  "With limited resource it is important to seize opportunities when they arise. The team quickly realised the value of DMPonline and we incorporated it into our service provision at an early stage. DMPonline is a tool that we actively promote to our research staff and research students in one-to-one appointments, at the training we deliver and online (e.g. within our RDM online tutorial)."

By magdalena.drafiova On 19/11/2019

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Different hosting options – which way forward?

Over the past few months we’ve been reconsidering DMPonline hosting – should we move to Amazon Web Services or remain with the University of Edinburgh. Brexit and ensuring we can meet our Service Level Agreements were two major concerns in this decision-making process. After investigating options, we have decided to remain with University of Edinburgh hosting. This blog post outlines our thoughts.  

By sarah.jones On 12/11/2019

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DMPonline user group at the London School of Economics

On the 17th September 2019 we ran a user group at the London School of Economics. For the first time we had a user group with subscribers from the UK, Sweden, Finland and the Netherlands so we could look at the tool from different perspectives and backgrounds. It was great to discuss how you use DMPonline, which new functionalities you wish us to add to the tool, and to get your feedback on our future plans and developments.

By magdalena.drafiova On 27/09/2019

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Full steam ahead!

Following on from our user group last week, the DMPonline team met yesterday and has prioritised the feature requests you raised. Ray Carrick started work for the DCC on Monday so we have doubled developer effort, and with Marta rejoining later in the year we’re pressing full steam ahead!  

By sarah.jones On 27/09/2019

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DMPonline at Maastricht University Medical Center

This month we are sharing a blog post from Maastricht University Medical Center written by Mirjam Kamps. "Since more and more funders require researchers to write a Data Management Plan we were looking for a tool with added value for the researchers. We were aiming for a user-friendly tool with opportunities for development. That is why two years ago we decided to start working with a local version of DMPonline: DMPMaastricht."

By magdalena.drafiova On 26/09/2019

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DMPonline@TU Delft

This month we are featuring a story from DMPonline@TU Delft written by Madeleine de Smaele and Marta Teperek. "Good research data management involves careful handling and organisation of research data throughout the research lifecycle and is a necessary prerequisite for effective data sharing and greater openness. For just doing that, TU Delft Library recently introduced DMPonline to help guide TU Delft researchers through the data management planning process."  

By magdalena.drafiova On 27/08/2019

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DMP inspiration down under

I've had a number of inspiring DMP discussions over the last few weeks, both Australian and European based. Here in Oz, funders do not require data management plans like they do in the UK and USA. This has led to the growth of quite different tools as institutions fit the DMP to local priorities.

By sarah.jones On 20/08/2019

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DMPonline release notes: July 2019

Magdalena summarises DMPonline July 2019 release. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 29/07/2019

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DMPonline subscription model - revisited

Based on your feedback, we are revisiting the subscription models for DMPonline. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 25/06/2019

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Closing the gap – connection points between DMPs and repositories

On Monday (10th June 2019), we ran a workshop  in Hamburg at the Open Repositories conference where we discussed potential connection points between Data Management Plans and repository platforms. We had a great variety of attendees from different backgrounds (librarians, repository managers, developers, researchers) and different countries (South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and Norway amongst others). As a result our discussions were very rich and informed by various perspectives and viewpoints.

By magdalena.drafiova On 13/06/2019

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