Über DMPonline

Fördergeber verlangen zunehmend die Erstellung von Datenmanagementplänen von den Antragstellern, bzw. Förderempfängern, sowohl in der Antragsphase als auch während der Durchführung. DMPonline wurde vom Digital Curation Centre (UK) erstellt, um es Forschenden zu ermöglichen, auf diese Anforderungen zu reagieren und dabei auch die Vorgaben ihrer Institutionen oder anderen Beteiligten zu erfüllen.

Die Entwicklung fand in Kooperation mit Forschungsförderern und Universitäten statt, um ein Werkzeug für die Erstellung von probaten Datenmanagementplänen während des gesamten Projektverlaufs anbieten zu können.


Es gibt eine Reihe von Vorlagen innerhalb der Applikation, die den Anforderungen der verschiedenen Förderer oder Institutionen entsprechen. Die Nutzer beantworten zu Begin der Erstellung eines Plans drei Fragen, um die Anzeige der geeigneten Vorlage zu erlauben (z.B. die ESRC-Vorlage bei einer ESRC-Förderung). Die Applikation gibt Hilfestellungen zum Verstehen und Beantworten der Fragen; diese werden von Forschenden, Förderern, Universitäten und den verschiedenen Disziplinen bereitgestellt.

Erste Schritte

Falls sie einen Zugang haben, melden sie sich an und beginnen ihren Datenmanagementplan zu erstellen.

Falls sie keinen Zugang zu DMPonline haben, wählen sie 'Registrieren' auf der Startseite aus.

Besuchen sie die 'Hilfe'-Seite für eine Anleitung.

Weitere Informationen

Die deutsche Version von DMPonline wird in Kooperation mit dem Digital Curation Centre (UK) und der Bibliothek der Universität von Alberta (CA) im Rechenzentrum der Christian-Albrechts-Universität gepflegt.

Die Benutzungsschnittstelle und die Funktionalität von DMPonline wird kontinuierlich verbessert. Falls sie gerne Rückmeldung geben oder Verbesserungsvorschläge machen möchten, freuen wir uns, wenn sie uns eine Nachricht an vfu@rz.uni-kiel.de schicken.

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DMP inspiration down under

I've had a number of inspiring DMP discussions over the last few weeks, both Australian and European based. Here in Oz, funders do not require data management plans like they do in the UK and USA. This has led to the growth of quite different tools as institutions fit the DMP to local priorities.

By sarah.jones On 20/08/2019

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DMPonline release notes: July 2019

Magdalena summarises DMPonline July 2019 release. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 29/07/2019

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DMPonline subscription model - revisited

Based on your feedback, we are revisiting the subscription models for DMPonline. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 25/06/2019

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Closing the gap – connection points between DMPs and repositories

On Monday (10th June 2019), we ran a workshop  in Hamburg at the Open Repositories conference where we discussed potential connection points between Data Management Plans and repository platforms. We had a great variety of attendees from different backgrounds (librarians, repository managers, developers, researchers) and different countries (South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and Norway amongst others). As a result our discussions were very rich and informed by various perspectives and viewpoints.

By magdalena.drafiova On 13/06/2019

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DMPonline release notes: May 2019

Magdalena summarises May 2019 DMPonline release. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 03/06/2019

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National development in Sweden for Data Management Plan

Sabina Anderberg (Business Developer) from Stockholm University explains national development in Sweden for Data Management Plans. "As from 2019, all who are awarded a grant from the Swedish Research Council must have a data management plan (DMP) if the research generates research data. The plan shall describe how collected and/or created data will be managed during the course of the research, plus how they will be dealt with afterward."  

By magdalena.drafiova On 21/05/2019

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DMPonline release notes: April 2019

In April 2019 DMPonline release we pushed out loads of improvement on plan review and plan formatting. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 26/04/2019

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DMPonline user group: where next?

We've run a couple of user group sessions over the last few weeks and have been processing your ideas to plan our development roadmap. Read on to find out more!

By sarah.jones On 18/04/2019

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DMPonline - information about phasing out for non subscribers and comparison of subscription models

Information for DMPonline administrators about phasing out for non subscribers, and comparison of DMPonline subscription models. 

By magdalena.drafiova On 19/03/2019

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DMPonline: up, up and away

2018 has been action-packed for DMPonline with the launch of the DMPRoadmap codebase, major new releases, the rollout of a new subscription model and switch to multi-tenant deployment of the DCC-hosted service. We have grown from 3 to 23 customers in the last quarter and have been busy visiting our early adopters from Finland and Maastricht in the final days before Christmas to make plans for next year. We welcome a new full-time member of staff to the DMPonline support team in January and are planning a series of training events and user group sessions in Spring. Read full details in the year in review.

By sarah.jones On 19/12/2018

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Roadmap back to school edition

Summer activities and latest (major 2.0.0) release The DMPRoadmap team is checking in with an overdue update after rotating holidays and work travels over the past few months. We also experienced some core team staff transitions and began juggling some parallel projects. As a result we haven’t been following a regular development schedule, but we have been busy tidying up the codebase and documentation.    This post summarizes the contents of the major release and provides instructions for those with existing installations who will need to make some configuration changes in order to upgrade to the latest and greatest DMPRoadmap code. In addition to infrastructure improvements, we fixed some bugs and completed some feature enhancements. Read on for more details about all the great things packed into the latest release, as well as some general updates about our services and of course machine-actionable DMPs. 

By sarah.jones On 23/10/2018

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DCC job fairy

We have a great job opening at the DCC to join the DMPonline team. We're looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual to lead on customer liaison and outreach. You'll join a team of developers and support staff who collaborate to deliver the tool for the UK higher education sector, as well as an increasing number of overseas customers.  

By sarah.jones On 19/10/2018

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DMPonline charging for administrative users

In November 2016, I wrote about how changes in our income streams meant that we would be introducing charges for more of our services over the coming years. In August, I wrote to UK university DMPonline admin users to inform them that we would be taking action on this from November 2018. In this news item I set out further detail on how this model will apply to organisational users around the world and also to give some reassurances. In particular, we wish to make clear:

  • DMPonline will remain free at the point of use for researchers to develop, share, publish and maintain data management plans, regardless of whether their institution or funder has a subscription
We have no plans to change this model at any time in the future.  

By kevin.ashley On 19/10/2018

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Webinar: DMPonline - new directions

As part of Open Access week, the DCC will be giving a webinar on recent developments in DMPonline. To join please register via GoToMeeting. In Spring we launched the new DMPRoadmap platform with our colleagues at the California Digital Library. This was a major upgrade to the codebase and incorporated a redesign of the front end and underlying data model. Performance improvements and a number of new features were also added. We have continued to add more features over Summer and Autumn, particularly for administrative users and will demo these. The webinar will also cover the new subscription model and some of the most Frequently Asked Questions emerging about the contract and service delivery.

By sarah.jones On 16/10/2018

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Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

Courtesy of Stephanie Simms at CDL, here's our bi-monthly update on all things DMP Our DMPTool and DMPonline services have been humming along with the same underlying code for a couple of months now. Since our MVP release, we’ve shifted gears to more regular sprints. We’re also pleasantly surprised by how eager the wider DMP community has been to join forces in migrating, translating, and even contributing new features already! Here’s a brief retrospective and a glimpse into the future.

By sarah.jones On 08/05/2018

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